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Scott claims that in September, Kris Ford, the child’s stepfather, struck the child with a belt “causing a large bruise to the juvenile’s right thigh (and) lower buttocks area,” according to an arrest warrant.Stephanie Ford witnessed “the intentional mistreatment,” her arrest warrant states.Hayden said her father pulled her shirt off and began kissing her chest.Soon after, she immediately jumped up and got off of him.After five seasons, the show was canceled on August 27, 2014, as a direct result of Hayden's arrest on various sexual charges.On April 7, 2017, Hayden was convicted on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of forcible rape.In addition, during scenes of catastrophic failure, the crew will remind the audience not to try anything at home.The program also makes a noted point to avoid showing specific detail of how weapon modifications or fabrications are performed.

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State District Judge Mike Erwin recently postponed the East Baton Rouge Parish trial at the request of Hayden’s attorney, Bo Rougeou, who cited a scheduling conflict. Also, both sides are working out the logistics of having a 14-year-old prosecution witness, an alleged rape victim, testify outside the presence of the jury via closed-circuit television. Hayden-Ford and her husband face their own child abuse charges for how they disciplined Hayden-Ford’s child from a previous relationship.Hayden said her father never touched her again in that matter.Stephanie Hayden Ford says she is now coming forward to be strong for her sister.As on the Discovery Channel series Myth Busters, this show practices a degree of self-censorship and safety-consciousness.Each episode begins with a staff member (usually Will) warning viewers not to try anything demonstrated on the show at home.