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On Tuesday, June 20, Teri delighted fans with an adorable snap of her wrapping her arms around her 50-year-old former co-star on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

"Soaring together again," the 52-year-old actress captioned the pic of the two on Instagram. " The duo are currently Down Under touring the Supernova Comic Con and Gaming Expo — and it seems like Metropolis' reigning couple still have that same spark from their heyday.

I got back into watching this show when the DVD's were released.

I had taped the show off cable years earlier so I've been able to reacquaint myself with the whole series.

People have commented on the fact that they shouldn't have gotten Lois and Clark together when they did, but most of the fans were angry at the network for keeping them apart as long as they did.

This was pretty evident when the ratings started dropping during the clone/amnesia/New Krypton arc (which I really liked--there I admit it).

, went off the air, the beloved TV couple had a fun reunion in Sydney, Australia!

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While Dean has returned to the superhero franchise playing the role of Supergirl's adoptive dad Jeremiah, Teri will play the role of a new villain. "So they're both really excited to give back." While fans will be excited to see Teri back with Dean, Andrew insisted that her character will be very different from Lois Lane.

"She's doing it amazingly." Dean may have yet to react to his reunion with Teri but the former Desperate Housewives has been tweeting about her impending cameo on the show.

Posting a selfie of herself in the snow, the actress tweeted: "It's like the real fortress of solitude on set today. #supergirl." Teasing her high energy role, Teri posted on the social media site: "Ready for a day of kicking a--on set!!

The series aired on ABC from September 12, 1993 to June 14, 1997.

the series loosely followed the modern origin of Superman, established by writer John Byrne—where Clark Kent is the true personality and Superman a disguise.