Latina dating complaints

Many people don’t have the time to spend after work to go to the club or bar and try to meet someone new.

And even if you did have the time you may not like the type of people who hang out in that form of social environment anyway.

Here are some reports that I managed to extract in my research to show that this site is corrupt. I am fluent in Spanish and when I reviewed the women's videos not one matched with their age , line of work they do, and at times their D. They are professional con artists who never release your information to the girls unless they take you to the cleaners first.

Plus I have also been a member of this site as well and will be sharing my own experience also as well: From sitejabber Authoir: Sam M. So I hope you have enough money to waste because their services are a waste.

I have never been ripped off like this in my entire life and this gang of 40 thieves should be sued and put out of business.

All of what i have read about this site is right on a total lie and ripoff.

Wake up and smell the coffee ellos son LADRONES, CLEPTOS THIEVES DONT SPEND ANOTHER DOLLAR ON THIS SITE ENJOY YOUR MONEY INSTEAD NO crees en ellos. I have been on this website since the end of march (2010) and....

I would have never wasted 1000.00 dollars on this type of fraud ,theft, and pure misrepresentaion .

You just need to choose the present and include a note with your contact information.

This formula ensures that Amo Latina attracts and approves only the most dedicated and sincere Latin American matches from countries including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica.

All Amo Latina members can access a database of over 8,000 confirmed profiles of ladies serious about dating men from overseas. and Russia, Amo Latina maintains a proactive presence at the very center of all member activities.

We understood that you faced some members not willing to share their contacts, the reason for this is simple - is a respectable and safe platform where all members are protected by the anti-scam policy and has access to instant customer service.

That's why most members prefer to stay on the site and not to move to other platforms.