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The court filing claimed that Trent has been regulating Katherine's interactions with her children by 'screening phone calls, not relaying messages, not allowing privacy during visits or phone calls.'The court documents also alleged that Trent 'managed to get a key to her bedroom' and opens her door at will 'with no regard to her privacy'.'Mrs.Jackson has to hide in her closet to speak to her kids so she can speak freely,' the filing stated. A passersby saw them exit the wrecked vehicle and flee on foot.One individual snapped photo that is on our web site 459 comments Posted by Lisa Boyd on Hi, my name is Lisa and I had H Flu Bacterial Meningitis in 1980. Some problems are: Balance problems, loss of feeling and movement in left leg and foot, headaches, chest hurting, tremors and spams, bladder problems and lack of memory, I can only remember snipits of my life- when most people can remember their whole life. As soon as they found out that I had Meningitis they blame everything on Meningitis. Predominantly in my buttocks, Hips, legs, knees, hands and feet. I am now 29 years old and my health is getting worse. first thought I might have Multiple Sclerosis) and when they did a brain MRI I did in fact have white matter lesions. Over the last 2 years I have had pains throughout my body which today are severe and constant.When guys reach 30 years old, they enter a period known as “somatopause,” where human growth hormone levels start to drop profoundly. There's a way to take control of your HGH production naturally and through the use of both alternative and synthetic sources.Although more research and testing into the benefits and side effects of increased HGH levels in adults is needed before the masses accept it as the potent, miracle-like drug it’s been touted to be, the science that does exist is very promising.

Elvis’ 24 year old daughter is doing her own thing and writing her own material.

The court papers also claimed that Trent, who is the son of husband Joe Jackson's brother, accessed her bank accounts without permission after acting as her driver for years.'Trent was supposed to be her driver, but over time (he) has infiltrated Mrs.

Jackson’s business and personal affairs, even referring to himself as her ''house manager'',' according to court documents obtained by the New York Daily News.

Insiders say Lisa Marie has an unusual and strong rhythm and blues voice and has recorded some demons for a possible recording deal. Excerpt from “Child Bride” about their meet up together, by Suzanne Finstad He had become a successful artist, famous for a million-dollar portrait he had painted of Michael Jackson, who had become his personal friend.

Brett, the great connector, considered introducing Lisa to Michael. I had known Michael for six years or more, and I thought maybe I could introduce Lisa to Michael Jackson. “I just thought about it and went about my business and thought that sometime in the future Lisa would like to have a conversation with Michael.