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However, "update" refers to changes within the same version, while "upgrade" means switching to an entirely new version (upgrades are huge updates).

Examples are: "I kept updating the free version, but I decided to upgrade to the premium version." "Microsoft kept updating Windows 7 but I finally upgraded to Windows 8." See edit and upgradable.

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The Usage Panel is a group of nearly 200 prominent scholars, creative writers, journalists, diplomats, and others in occupations requiring mastery of language.

The Panelists are surveyed annually to gauge the acceptability of particular usages and grammatical constructions.

The Panelists Thousands of entries in the dictionary include etymologies that trace their origins back to reconstructed proto-languages.

You can obtain more information about these forms in our online appendices: Indo-European Roots Semitic Roots The Indo-European appendix covers nearly half of the Indo-European roots that have left their mark on English words.

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To change data in a file or database or to upgrade software to a new version.

Update and Edit The terms "update" and "edit" are used synonymously to make changes to text, data, images and video.

"Update" is also used to change the source code of software.

Update and Upgrade The terms "update" and "upgrade" are used synonymously to refer to installing new versions of software.