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Romantasy has been the best place to get corsets in my experience.

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Walt Disney is known for turning sketches of furry animals and people into likable, animated protagonists but many people often overlook his other talent: his ability to create bad-to-the-bone villains. 1) Cruella de Vil – I can get behind any villain that has her own theme song, especially one that’s so darn catchy.

While watching Hercules or Simba save the day is heart-warming, it’s hard to resist a well-written antagonist, especially if their name is Spike and they are half-vampire. Yeah, maybe she did want to steal 101 Dalmatian puppies and skin them for her own benefit.

Today, the subject of our focus will be an unmistakably Bulgari creation, the timeless and ever-vicious snake, as represented by the Bulgari Serpenti. Coiling through human history, the symbolism of the seductive serpent dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

A motif representing wisdom, vitality, and the circle of life, the snake has charmed exotic beauties from Cleopatra to the Bulgari woman, and empowered them with its magnetism.

The precious snakes to follow featured scales of gemstones or polychrome enamel, others were coiled with the supple Tubogas technique, a Bulgari hallmark.

Corset training with steel boned corsets help a lot in addition with hormones to give us TGirls wonderful curves! Yet the evidence is sitting in front of me, tall, tanned and holding court with half a dozen women in a London club. All adjectives dished up by the countless interviewers who have passed an hour with Martin Clunes over the course of his 27-year career. Not a word I, for one, had ever associated with the jug-eared, plasticine-faced actor. Pay attention if your hubby notices a certain smell he loves on you. One of my favorite vinyl sayings a friend of mine has up is “My husband is HOT! My favorite place to find fantastic ideas for lovin’ vinyl is at [email protected]! It’s easy to zone out, veg, and unintentionally fall asleep to the TV… Nothing like a romance-killer than fighting kidlets, a slobbery KISS from your puppy, or a text coming through on your phone! This can be a negative thing if overdone though, so remember a little goes a long way! One more way to invite the LOVE factor into your bedroom is to throw in some all-about-love vinyl lettering! When you’re going for a romantic environment that is all about you and the spouse, there is ZERO room for a TV in the bedroom. ” Not to mention that making your spouse the focus of your attention will get you Make sure the kids are down, phones are off the hook, cells phones are turned off, and the PETS are outta the room!